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Secret Service

Secret Service


 "Secret Service" 2019

Mats Lindberg, Anders Hansson, Ulf Wahlberg, Tim Norell, John Becker, Jamie Borger

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1979-1987, Member lineup #1
Secret Service is a legendary Swedish pop/new wave band, originally formed 1979. Ola Hakansson, former vocalist of Ola & The Janglers and then a publishing manager at Sonet Music, teamed up with Tim Norell and Ulf Wahlberg to write a few songs that they submitted to the European Song Contest. They did not win but decided to continue working together and changed their band's name from Ola+3 to Secret Service. Besides Ola Hakansson (vocals), Tim Norell and Ulf Wahlberg (keyboards), the original lineup included Tonny Lindberg (guitars), Leif Paulsen (bass) and Leif Johansson (drums).

Tim Norell however, who along with lyric writer Bjorn Hakanson, penned most songs of the band, did not appear with the band on stage or on the album covers. Secret Service's first single "Oh Susie" became a hit in Sweden and several other countries of Europe and South America. "Oh Susie"was no 1 in 29 countries.

The same titled album included another hit, "Ten O'clock Postman" Other successes followed, with their synthesizer based number "Flash in the Night" hitting the charts all over continental Europe, the duet with ex-ABBA's Agnetha Faltskog, "The Way You Are", also to be mentioned.



”PRETENDER”. More...


Tim Norell:

This song has been made by different artists but, as I believe, no one has really been able to bring out the feeling I felt when I wrote the song. It's a song about the loss of someone you love, real or imagined.

Therefore, I release my own version and, of course ,with my own original text. Beautiful and responsive arrangement by Rodion Kravkl and great background choir by our Secret Service singer John Becker. Once again fantastic mastering by Björn Engelman at The Cutting Room in Stockholm.




Now it’s time for the second song in the new Secret Service project ”Four Seasons” to be released. ”Secret Mission”, a melancholy creation in classic Secret Service style, about alienation and trust when the rest of the world turns away. As always written by hit master Tim Norell.

”Secret Mission” is a mix of modern sound and 80s synthesizers, delicately arranged by Anders Hansson who became member of the group in 1986.

Intensive lead vocals by new singer John Becker and of course with Tim and Ulf Wahlberg on backing vocals.


”BEAUTIFUL”. More...


Tim Norell:
Most of my songs are melancholic, but it was a happy love song that I wrote after meeting my wife Lena. I recorded it at home, sang and played the piano myself, a little inspired by Elton John's “Your Song”. For a very long time it lay forgotten on one of the old hard drives, until recently, when I "found" it. Then, to the 15-year-old demo recording, which included only my vocals and piano, we, together with a young Russian sound producer Rodion Kravkl, added strings, a little guitar, bass and drums. The mastering was done by my old friend Björn Engelmann from The Cutting Room, who has worked with the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Westlife, Rammstein and ABBA. Björn really makes the records shine, which he did with my “Beautiful”.

One dance

”ONE DANCE”. More...


Tim Norell:
“I found this demo of this song on my old computer and my wife thought we should definitely release it.
One Dance was written and arranged in the style of the music of the 50-60s, so I immediately thought about my famous compatriot Peter Jezevsky (former frontman of the cult Swedish band The Boppers) and showed the song to him. Peter liked it very much, so I sent the excellent Spanish sound producer Carlos Quintero and asked him to do two versions: one with Peter's vocals, and one with my vocals.
Both versions were good in their own way, the first was Peter's version, and now you can listen to it with my vocals. I hope you will like it…"


All albums of Secret Service

"Oh Susie" 1979

Ye Si Ca 1981

Cutting Corners 1982

Greatest Hits 1982

Jupiter Sign 1984

When The Night Closes In 1986

Aux deux Magots 1987

Spotlight 1990

Top Secret – Greatest Hits 2000

The Lost Box 2012


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