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Secret Service

Secret Service


 "Secret Service" 2019

Mats Lindberg, Anders Hansson, Ulf Wahlberg, Tim Norell, John Becker, Jamie Borger

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1979-1987, Member lineup #1
Secret Service is a legendary Swedish pop/new wave band, originally formed 1979. Ola Hakansson, former vocalist of Ola & The Janglers and then a publishing manager at Sonet Music, teamed up with Tim Norell and Ulf Wahlberg to write a few songs that they submitted to the European Song Contest. They did not win but decided to continue working together and changed their band's name from Ola+3 to Secret Service. Besides Ola Hakansson (vocals), Tim Norell and Ulf Wahlberg (keyboards), the original lineup included Tonny Lindberg (guitars), Leif Paulsen (bass) and Leif Johansson (drums).

Tim Norell however, who along with lyric writer Bjorn Hakanson, penned most songs of the band, did not appear with the band on stage or on the album covers. Secret Service's first single "Oh Susie" became a hit in Sweden and several other countries of Europe and South America. "Oh Susie"was no 1 in 29 countries.

The same titled album included another hit, "Ten O'clock Postman" Other successes followed, with their synthesizer based number "Flash in the Night" hitting the charts all over continental Europe, the duet with ex-ABBA's Agnetha Faltskog, "The Way You Are", also to be mentioned.



It’s has been 40 years since Secret Service in 1979 released the smash hit “Oh Suzie”.

This marked the beginning of an amazing pop adventure! Ten O’clock Postman, A Flash In The Night, Cry Softly, Ye Si Ca … the hits has been many!
Secret Service, one of the biggest European bands from the 80s, is back!

After touring heavily for 15 years, we are super excited to finally release some new music, says Ulf Wahlberg and Tim Norell, two of the original founding members of the band.

What would be more appropriate for our 40th anniversary!

GO ON, the first single, is written by the hit master Tim Norell - both music and lyrics, and who has composed every Secret Service hit single since the very beginning.

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Once the song starts you’ll immediately recognize his signature way of creating uniquely catchy melodies. Tim Norell has composed a big anthem again! It's both romantic as well as nostalgic.

GO ON has that uplifting pop energy that Secret Service is so famous for. The song GO ON is a mix of styles and voices. Live musicians mixed with electronic disco synthesizers. Tim's and Ulf's voices in harmony with the new singer John Becker.

We call our new music project “Four Seasons”, says Tim. We will release one song after another; and then we will compile them as the new Secret Service Group album. It’s music for all seasons.

Our fans will not be disappointed. We are proud over our sound that has lived on now for an impressive 40 years. We just GO ON, jokes Tim. But adds more seriously that “GO ON”, is about how easy life seems to be when you’re young. Over the years you get more and more discouraged. But every human, young or old, must love someone and also take care of the future. Every one must hold the fire in their hearts alive. Then we can reach the stars…then we can live forever…

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All albums of Secret Service

"Oh Susie" 1979

Ye Si Ca 1981

Cutting Corners 1982

Greatest Hits 1982

Jupiter Sign 1984

When The Night Closes In 1986

Aux deux Magots 1987

Spotlight 1990

Top Secret – Greatest Hits 2000

The Lost Box 2012

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