Oh Susie 1979

Although the band's first single, "Oh Susie" was released without any prior promotion or video clip, "Oh Susie" became the first single ever to enter the Swedish charts straight in at No. 1. It stayed there for 14 consecutive weeks! The enormous success of Secret Service in Sweden didn't pass unnoticed abroad. "Oh Susie" was soon released worldwide and became a major international hit. Meanwhile, an album was recorded and the second single pick, "Ten O'clock Postman", confirmed the success.

In Germany the two singles spent 55 weeks (!) together in the single chart. In France the band was voted "Most Likely to Succeed Group of 1980" and Radio Luxembourg rewarded Secret Service with the prestigious Golden Lion award for spending eight weeks at no. 1 in the station's chart with "Ten O'clock Postman".


  1. Ten O´clock Postman
  2. Hey Johnny
  3. Give Me Your Love
  4. Oh Susie
  5. Darling, You´re My Girl
  6. She Wants Me
  7. Why Don´t You Try To Phone
  8. Angel On Wheels
  9. Family Delight

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