The Lost Box 2012

When the composer Tim Norell divorced he had to move everything from the house he lived in since many years.

Somewhere in the mess of things, he suddenly found a forgotten box including recording tapes with unreleased Secret Service songs that he totally had forgotten about. The first title he saw was "Different" and he remembered when Ola Håkansson and his wife came to Tims house for a dinner sometime in the 90's. While waiting for the dinner, Ola and Tim went into Tim's little home studio to record the vocals on a new song - "Different".

In the autumn 2008 Tim took the box to Ulf Wahlberg's recording studio where Ola, Tim and Ulf completed the song.

There are many more forgotten songs to be completed. Some very old and some not more then 15-20 years old. All together they are "The Lost Box"!

"Oh Susie" 1979

Ye Si Ca 1981

Cutting Corners 1982

Greatest Hits 1982

Jupiter Sign 1984

When The Night Closes In 1986

Aux deux Magots 1987

Spotlight 1990

Top Secret – Greatest Hits 2000

The Lost Box 2012